Embrace Change with Kat Reese, Wellness Coaching in Rigby | Idaho Falls

This morning I was reading this book called “The Road To Character”. In just the introduction I felt that it had taught me something. I have been focusing on the wrong aspect of my growth. I kept telling myself that I want to be successful but heart is saying, “no, you don’t want to be Tony Robbins”. And I don’t, that does not appeal to me what so ever. I just want to help people. So, I took a “step back” and pondered what I really was trying to get at when I did my affirmations. I want to help people grow. I want to help others feel good about themselves. I want to help others follow there true north. I want to help. I don’t want to be seen, I don’t want to be known, I don’t want to be boastful and flamboyant. I am more than happy to be on the sidelines, behind the stage curtain, on the favorites call list. That is satisfactory enough because I know that I am the one helping create movement in someones life. It has taken a long time for me to accept praise (which I do now because it’s polite and it is good to accept those things). To me, I’m just doing what I do best. I am just doing what I am called to do. I don’t have to be “like everyone else that is successful” because I don’t want to be them. I don’t need to “copy cat” everyone’s way of getting known. I just need to be myself. NOW, I do need to network but really that is just making friends and connections. What I don’t need to do is pretend that I’m highly energetic, charismatic, and a “go-getter”. I know that I am quiet, sensitive, and I crave real connection. The people that will be drawn to me will sense that and will seek me out. I know that when I put out there into the universe that I am looking for a certain connection, it will happen because I will be myself. When we fake it, we get nothing. The wrong people will be attracted to us, wasting our time and energy which equals negative energy, depletion. Attracting what you need will give you more time and better connections to accomplish what you are called to do. So, are you asking for success because you think that is what you need or is it what society thinks you need? Are you getting the word Accomplished mixed up with the word Success? I know I was. I do want to accomplish a lot of things – with hard work and determination they will happen. BUT I do not want to live in a mansion on a hill with three horses. I’d visit and be thankful I did’t have to clean it. I am excited to read the rest of the book. (Here is a link for you: https://g.co/kgs/BzJsNb) I also have the audio on wait list at the library because I am very auditory and love to listen to people speak.