Embrace Change with Kat Reese, Wellness Coaching in Rigby | Idaho Falls

“We are all just people”, Brené Brown said, quoting a gentleman that was referring to her stage freight before a talk she was about to present. At that time I knew she was referencing that we are all people with some freight, set-backs, and human feelings…..but I would also like to acknowledge that “we are all just people” can be used to express compassion.
Living with Compassion and showing up even when it’s hard. – Kat I would like us to see this as a way to show up and be compassionate towards others. We are all just people who hurt, cry, smile, laugh, and breathe. We all do them. We are all from different pasts and influences. We all have different information coming to us and we all interpret life differently. We are all Just People. AND we need these people. We need these different backgrounds and views so that we can see all sides of the story – the bigger story of life. Every view opens a door to a space we’ve not witnessed, every door leads us to a space where we can learn empathy, every door opens up a space for untethered love. Let’s show compassion towards our neighbors. They are just People. Let’s bring our ideas to the table leaving our pride at the door because we are just people. Let’s hold hands with grace, even when maimed, because we are just people. Let’s hold our judgment for a while so that we can try to understand their point of view for a little bit longer because they too are just people. This is not a Radical idea nor is it a new idea. We have been get caught up in our individualistic and egotistic lies that allowed us to hold up walls to other people with different views/pasts/interests. We are just people following the easiest path of conforming to the norm. I challenge that we break down the wall and start opening doors. In the end it is the behavior from our views, thoughts, and influences that will be judged but it is your job to show up and tell your story. We are all just people needing to hear your story, needing to hear a different point to view and how the view was cultivated. We are just people needing to be awakened to what more we are not seeing. Every experience, thought, and influence is important to our story, our human existence as well as our spiritual existence. We are just people, doing what we can with what we know. And unless you show up to the table and tell us your side, we won’t know you and we won’t see you. And it’s up to us to ask. We need to ask people to come to the table and share their story. Even if it doesn’t align with you, it’s time to treat their story with significance. It’s time. We are all Just People. Kat