Treasure Valley Grief Support Group

The MeetUp meets every 3rd Wednesday Online and every 4th Wednesday in Meridian, ID at Lucky Perk.

Treasure Valley Grief Support Meetup

Nampa, ID
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This is a group where all that grieve can come and share their stories and how they have lived through their struggles. Grieving never stops even when it’s been years. This gr…

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Monday, Apr 20, 2020, 7:00 PM
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Online Class – Understanding Grief

Online class to understand grief and it’s complexities. We will go over how to create a tool bag for the roller coaster of emotions and setbacks so that you can live your life to the fullest.

Trauma and Grief Seminar

A three hours seminar to learn about the effects of trauma and grief on children and how it still affects us as adults.

Time and Location: April 14, from 1-4 p.m. At Winging It, Downtown Nampa.

Come learn with from experienced professionals and personal experiences.

Seminar time!

November 2019 in Boise, ID

Topic – Understanding Grief and Children

Tickets will be available soon

Children go through grief as much as adults but it seems to be overlooked. As a child, I remember going through times of grief but I had no one to tell me what I was feeling or the words to express the pain I had. 

During this seminar, we will go through the stages of grief in the life of a child. We will look at the signs of grief and what to ask the child you suspect is grieving so that we can help our young become emotionally intelligent. 

Through allowing our youth the ability to communicate with us about their feelings and needs, we can create a space for them to grow into self-sufficient adults. 

It is my goal to raise awareness and encourage community growth. Please help me in creating a dialogue in the Treasure Valley while allowing people to know more about what you have to offer to our community.


PO Box 1484, Caldwell ID 83606
Kat Reese Coaching
Grief Seminar

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Deadline for sponsorship will be September 2019 – please send payment info and logo by that time to ensure your logo is included.

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***If you plan to attend the seminar please follow the link for the FREE Ticket. Seating is limited.