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Transformation is not easy. In fact, is effing hard. You have to go through contracting, stretching, pulling, shoving – the chaos is tremendous. But in the end, there is this beautiful new form. A brighter, more aware form that you can take onto the next leg of your journey.

Many of us run away from the transformation, scared of the pain and the anguish that usually precedes the change. We are afraid of the unknown as well. We are not certain what the outcome will be so we hesitate or stall. Sometimes you just don’t get the choice because the time is here and you are pushed into a world that is not familiar and you can become almost resentful.

the transformation doesn’t take forever, even though during the process it seems like a lifetime. The chaos can be subtle or extreme depending on how big the transformation is.  That also means how big of a deal you make it out to be, as well.

We go transformations all through our lives. Some go through them monthly, biannually, yearly, every few years…the ones that don’t transform much in their lives are probably stuck and feel that they have minimal lives. They probably don’t say “YES” much in life.

We go through all types of transformations. It starts when we are infants learning to be independent, adolescence going through puberty, teens learning to be ourselves outside of our family, learning how to make new friends throughout your life (choose wisely!), finding the career that best suits your life, or even recovering from trauma or addiction. Transformation happens when a woman menstruates or when a boy becomes a “man”. It happens when you retire or when you lose your best friend of 50 years. Transformation is bittersweet.

We can’t hide from it. We can’t live without it. I find myself imagining myself falling toward the end of a cliff where there is a waterfall. I hear the waterfall hit and crash below me. I know that I will be sucked under but the water will cleanse me and I will be pushed out of the darkness, the abyss, into the beautiful river of life. I will be able to swim freely until my next transformation where I will go through the same chaos again.

I believe that knowing what to expect when you want “change” in your life makes it easier to transition from A to B. From old me to new me. I am more able to free fall into it and come out head first smiling ear to ear. I may still have some aches and bruises from the chaos but I will have my gold at the end of the tunnel.

What will you be working on this Pagan New Year? I hope that you will find that your goals are always waiting to be accomplished – all you have to do is say YES and leap. Let Source do the HOW.

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