There is awe everywhere if you take the time to look.

Kat Reese 2018

As I was driving to work I saw this image. The sky was so beautiful that I was willing to be late to the office to snap this picture. I would know how to make it look more beautiful that it was I hope that I can look at this picture and always remember the awe I saw that day. I had a friend challenge me to take more of my own photos to use in my posts and such. I am so glad she did even though I got defensive about the whole thing. I didn’t think I could capture great things – but soon found out, It’s fun and your style. I challenge you to go out and find the things that bring a smile to your face. Don’t necessarily need to take a picture with your camera or phone, but take a deep impression in your mind of the colors, textures, shades, the magic it took to make it so perfect.

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