Maya Angelou – Thrive

This tweet keeps coming up.

Tweet that keeps popping up in my feed.

Showing up even though I have read each time.

I truly believe that I am a #thriver and have shown my #strength

I have a very intimate relationship with #depression #grief and #trauma but they don’t define me.

What defines us is how we take what has happened and allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

We take the sad, scary, hurtful, dangerous, and then we learn to rise out from it.

It can day hours, it can take years – and it can be done with love and faith.

To thrive is a process not a magic wand.

It’s about diving deep and relearning what you thought you already knew.

It’s about loving the bad alongside the good.

It’s about the acceptance of the cycle of life.

It’s about compassion and community.

To thrive is to be at your worst and still find hope at the end of the day with a smile.

I don’t believe in coincidences so when this kept popping up I knew I needed to reflect on what it meant. Am I really thriving? For me, what does it mean to thrive?

I hope that you ask yourself that same question.

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