How the movie “Yes Man” helped me.

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I have been pretty successful for most of my adult life because I felt that I had no choice but to push myself to be able to provide for my son. And I was okay with that because it was the encouragement I needed at that time. Then after a while, I became complacent and didn’t want to push myself too much because of fear. I was afraid to be successful. I was afraid to be seen. I struggled with wanting to do a solo part in choir and my voice would crack and distort from being so nervous. I would get a D in speech class in high school and college because I would not look up or speak up.

Then I watched one of my favorite actors, Jim Carey, in “Yes Man”. I realized that it’s all in my head. My success is already there, I just had to say “Yes” to it. I’m not saying that there was this magic wand that made everything fall into place – I had to work for it. Life is a practice – eating right, exercising, networking – it all takes practice especially allowing yourself (your Heart) to say YES when your mind (EGO) wants you to say NO. My husbands family has this joke they give each other when someone is doing something silly, I believe they got it from a movie, the other would say (In a funny old lady crackling voice) “They’re all going to laugh at you!” AND that is exactly what I used to think. That everyone would judge me and laugh at me.

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I know that the movie probably didn’t mean to give anyone the impression that they are losing out in life if they don’t say YES, but it felt like it was sending ME a message. I needed a reminder that I can say YES to things that I want or are scared of or seem risky. What’s the worse that could happen? It didn’t turn out the way I expected? It never really does and that is the beauty of it! It turns out better!

It turns out that I learned something more about myself, about the community, about my future. The more I say yes to meeting new people the more in AWE of how incredible people are. The more I do things that make me feel uncomfortable the more I realize that it isn’t that bad. I still feel corny doing a YouTube but I’m not taking them down. I have shed some of my onion layers so that people don’t have such a hard time getting to know me. I feel free.

Let me know what you’ve been doing to allow yourself to be free from the chains that bind you? What are the secrets to your success? What inspired you to say YES to life?

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