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I’m finding more and more how to understand the feelings that we have but don’t allow ourselves to fully be aware of them. Grief has been a stain in my life for a long time and I am becoming more and more aware of how many other people feel the same. Then the other day, I sat at my computer desk at home and allowed myself to grieve my father. I knew my father was going to die but yet I am overcome with the sadness of my loss. And it’s been almost 4 years.

Then I wondered how many people become upset with themselves that the “haven’t gotten over it yet”? Like grieving is only supposed to happen for a certain amount of time then POOF you’re all better! Then I realized how many times I was held back from my purpose because I didn’t allow myself to be human and grieve. So many of us grieve and try to hide it like it’s a disease.

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What would you do if you were not grieving? Where would you be if you were able to allow yourself the space to grieve fully and know that it was normal? Could you give back to your community more if you knew others needed that same guidance?

I believe we’d all be in a better place if we allowed ourselves the space to be aware of the sensations, to allow ourselves to shed the emotions that tie us to the sadness and show others that we are stronger when we are vulnerable.

Grieving means that we loved. That we were connected to someone, or even something, special. Let us embrace the grieving and go through the emotions so that we can stay on course for our purpose.

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