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Image from Transformation is not easy. In fact, is effing hard. You have to go through contracting, stretching, pulling, shoving – the chaos is tremendous. But in the end, there is this beautiful new form. A brighter, more aware form that you can take onto the next leg of your journey. Many of us run …

How the movie “Yes Man” helped me.

Image from I have been pretty successful for most of my adult life because I felt that I had no choice but to push myself to be able to provide for my son. And I was okay with that because it was the encouragement I needed at that time. Then after a while, I became …

There is awe everywhere if you take the time to look.

Kat Reese 2018

As I was driving to work I saw this image. The sky was so beautiful that I was willing to be late to the office to snap this picture. I would know how to make it look more beautiful that it was I hope that I can look at this picture and always remember the awe I saw that day. I had a friend challenge me to take more of my own photos to use in my posts and such. I am so glad she did even though I got defensive about the whole thing. I didn’t think I could capture great things – but soon found out, It’s fun and your style. I challenge you to go out and find the things that bring a smile to your face. Don’t necessarily need to take a picture with your camera or phone, but take a deep impression in your mind of the colors, textures, shades, the magic it took to make it so perfect.

My best friend has been with me the whole time!

Image from Have you been around a bunch of people and still felt alone? Have you looked at where other people were going and what they were doing and wondered, “why do I know them?” It’s weird when you finally realize that no one really knows you like you do. But at the same time, …