Coaching With Me

We will work to create a space for healing and spiritual reflection to create inner connections for growth. We will find what ideas or actions that have been looked over or avoided that will put you back on track to understanding and transformation. Working towards happiness through being content with your life or by following your hearts pull towards ideas and actions.

I knew as a child…

As a child, I didn’t want to live the way my family lived. I never felt safe or stable. I could tell from a young age that they were miserable in their lives and I didn’t want that for me. I didn’t want to live with unnecessary drama. I struggled with my own tribulations including chronic depression and suicidal ideation.

Even when I thought I had it all, I felt stuck. I had finished school, had a nice house, a great husband, and a loving son but there was something still missing. Then in my late twenties, life seemed to fall into place and life had more meaning when I found a mentor and allowed myself to be vulnerable.

I have faced my fears and demons and worked through my setbacks.

Welcome to Creating Connections for Inner Growth!

Working towards understanding how to move past the fear of grieving to living with grief can be rewarding. Creating space for yourself to live your life while allowing yourself to heal the way you need to. We do this by connecting yourself to what works for you and your higher self.

Let’s Get Connected!

There are connections that are missed because we are not sure what we are looking for. We all have connections to our intuition but some of us are afraid to tap into the connection because of underlying pain that may immerge. There are ways to help you lean into the fear of transformation and step into a life that is meant for you.

Let us work on creating a life that is aligned with you!

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You may…

  • Need to find your spark – find your childlike wonder.
  • Need to be more concise and not scattered with what you want and don’t want.
  • Need to be more comfortable saying “yes” to life.
  • Need to feel more aligned with your true self
  • Need to know that you can do more and that you have all the tools already.

I Have Traveled the Same Path

You are not alone….. Ever thought that you had to do this alone? Let me tell you that you don’t have to. While working with clients for over 8 years, I have helped them reach their goals and create better lives for themselves. With the knowledge of working professionally with people and my continued education in coaching, psychology, and Reiki, I have created programs that work. While I guide people to create paths towards internal success for themselves I kept my clients focused. They were able to realize that there are more options to get around setbacks than they had realized.

Say “YES”

It is hard to say “yes” to life. When we live in fear of what could go wrong or that there will be obstacles we tend to say “no”. When I became a widow at age 19, I had to work on my expectations of life and myself. When I was able to say YES instead of living in fear, my life changed. I said yes to going back to school, I said yes to taking “risks” that lead to my promotion. I said YES to starting a branch of the company I worked for which gave me even more confidence in myself. I have continued to say YES to more education and experience that I am wanting to share with you in 1 on 1 coaching.

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What are you going to get out of Working with Me?

With my 1 on 1 coaching, you’ll start making mental changes that allow you to see the big picture and hone in on your goals. With each step, we go through specific areas in your life that we can dig into to find puzzle pieces that will give us clues to living with purpose in your life. We will find out what needs to be decluttered in your soul so that you can see your path clearly.

The great thing about working with me is that we’ll develop a package customized to your needs for greater success. No one person is the same so no one package is the same.

Why do people love working with me? I am lively, energetic, and creative. I am intuitive, empathetic, and compassionate. I encourage people to take responsibility for their needs. You will be able to find what is lacking and improve it or get rid of it. If you are scared to move forward we will use your beliefs and incorporate it into your program and help you use your beliefs as a tool for success and abundance in all aspects of life. You’ll be able to see your setbacks and use them as a tool instead of a hindrance.

What will we be covering in your program?

This is a suggested course of action. Each person will be different in their needs. Most courses will be working on 8 specific areas or subjects, one per week, plus 5 bonus weeks with areas that I have found to be a need for the general population that equals a 13-week course. Each week is designed to work towards finding how to live in purpose.

Here are some of the areas we’ll be working on:

Overcoming self-doubt: We all have limiting beliefs, whether they were created by us, people around us, or society. The key is to become aware of limiting beliefs and excuses and replace them with empowering beliefs. Once you’re aware of your B.S. you can choose to change it!

Coincidences: When people experience a coincidence, they are often left in awe, recognizing that this is no “mere coincidence”—some greater meaning or purpose is behind the seemingly random alignment. Often these synchronistic experiences spark the knowing that a certain path or choice is the right one. You’ll see that the so-called coincidences are the way the universe is trying to get you to follow your true path.

Passions and Interests: In life, there are things we just absolutely love to do! There are things feed us and make us feel alive. They inspire us and bring meaning to life.

Talents and Skills: Utilizing an innate, natural talent brings a level of fulfillment and inspiration to life. When we use our talents, we feel in flow… and like we’re made for it. There are also skills that unlock the keys to success, as well as others that that simply bring more joy to life. 

Personality: Investigating your “personality type” can be an intriguing and educational process; plus, it’s fun! Knowing your “personality type” can help you gain more clarity about your purpose and which careers would be the best fit for your true self. It also helps you understand how you relate to others.

Life Changing Experiences: By looking at your life on a timeline you may notice a pattern or a series of experiences that led you down the path to where you are today, and where you’re going!

Goals: What are the goals you want to accomplish right now? What are the problems you want to solve? This is where you break down specific goals. What does the goal look like, what does the result look like, and what are the supports needed to complete the goals? Next, you will look at the steps to each goal. What timeline do you have for each goal that is realistic and achievable?

Writing Your Manifesto: A manifesto is a declaration of your beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions. You have your purpose, now you get to put into words WHY it’s your purpose.

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What Happens Next…

After you apply you will be emailed a link to schedule a Free Discovery call from me. In this Free Discovery call, we will go over what the program is going to give you. We will go over your needs and what you should expect after completing the program. Will set up recurring calls and will go over what to expect from each call.

Why work with Me?

Yes, it’s nice to be able to ask for advice from friends and family but they don’t have the coaching experience I have. When you work with a coach like me you will be getting a personal and professional experience. You will be getting evidence-based skills and intuitive guidance that I have used in my own life and my clients. There is no other coach out there that can open your mind to a greater horizon like I can. I love what I do and you will feel that in our discussions.

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My Promise To You!

I will give you my full attention to your needs, I will give you my honest guidance (no phoo phoo stuff), and I will give you inspiration. By the time our program is over, you will see the world in a different light. You will see right in front of you all the things that you have overlooked in the past including possible signs or favorable circumstance that you avoided or ignored due to fear.